At the end of the association HAZIEL in 2017

After almost 4 years of existence, the HAZIEL association was enclosed at the beginning of 2017.

The HAZIEL association created in 2013 works thanks to your gifts and thanks to the volunteers. She was so able to help elderly, of whom Haziel. And she still contributed to help according to her possibilities until December, 2017.

Who is Haziel?

Cabalist, astrologer, angéiologue known all over the world, Haziel is the author of about fifty books on the Guardian angels and the Archangels.
Haziel died on December 7th, 2015. We so paid him a big Tribute in his lifetime.


The HAZIEL association aimed at accompanying, at assisting and at helping in a limited way elderly in loss of autonomy or for a moment unable to answer in their needs.

For additional information
Association HAZIEL – 6 rue Jouye Rouve – 75020 PARIS


Thanking you
Véronique NEINDRE, President of the Association HAZIEL